The Global Organisation of African Women dearly wish to inform you about the following

That in keeping with our pledge and motto, the sum of  Kr. 6384/- is being sent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) from the total amount of money Kr.9,120/- realized from tickets sale, gifts and sponsorship. In the second phase of our endeavor, the amount realized is Kr.8, 220/- from which the sum of Kr. 5,754/- will be given to the winning country: Republic of the Sudan.

And finally, we’ll like to remind your esteemed self that we have in no way departed from our goals: our goals remain the same that, 70% of the money realized shall be disbursed to any winning country whilst the remaining 30% be used for office materials and other miscellaneous stuff. We sincerely appeal to your good self to support this cause in whichever way possible - Your effort shall not go in vain.

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