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The aims and objective of GOAW is to suppport the advancement of African women, by cultivating their intellectual and Physical abilities to attain the highest degree of freedom in decision-making. It will help to create a future for their families and their society by drawing attention to the condition of women in the world and assisting efforts to improve and strengthen it. The organisation will also work to strengthen and improve women’s conditions all over the world. Headquarters: Östersund-Sweden.

VIP Party Children of Africa

Welcome to a party of food, music and meetings. Organized by the Global Organization of African Women (GOAW) in Östersund, Jämtland.

Time: Friday 7th june  at 16:00
Location: Verket, Prästgatan 50, Östersund, Sweden
Price: 70 kr per person. Family with children up to 15 years: 200 kr. Food and drink are included.
Tickets: Bakaaro shop, Storgatan Östersund and Heart of Africa, Storgatan Östersund or at the entrance.

Music with the artists Dj Martin, Eritrean live Music.

For detailed programs and other information visit:
or call 0783-333 096 / 0705-244 268

Lectures and conferences on Marriage and Mental Health in August more details coming soon.

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In cooperation with....................

The Global Organisation of African Women dearly wish to inform you about the following

That in keeping with our pledge and motto, the sum of  Kr. 6384/- is being sent to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) from the total amount of money Kr.9,120/- realized from tickets sale, gifts and sponsorship. In the second phase of our endeavor, the amount realized is Kr.8, 220/- from which the sum of Kr. 5,754/- will be given to the winning country: Republic of the Sudan.

And finally, we’ll like to remind your esteemed self that we have in no way departed from our goals: our goals remain the same that, 70% of the money realized shall be disbursed to any winning country whilst the remaining 30% be used for office materials and other miscellaneous stuff. We sincerely appeal to your good self to support this cause in whichever way possible - Your effort shall not go in vain.